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A story of style

When the past and the future come togetherStay seated, and get the right view of lifeCModonutti, a story of style


CModonutti was created in 1967 from the passion, skill and creativity of Giordano Modonutti. A company that has put artisan mastery first, and innovation a close second; both the sources of strength for the creation of elegant and creative chairs in wood, which are also unfalteringly practical and reliable.

A story involving father and son, Alex Modonutti, who today drives what has become a modern company and a brand capable of standing out: a tradition increasingly linked to the force of Made in Italy, innumerable offers of products, bespoke style including in terms of materials and colours.

Creativity, crossover styles and elegance, for chairs which have seated – and continue to seat – Presidents, famous people and intellectuals known throughout the whole world.

Ideas in the making

The imagination knows no limitsThe courage to experimentIdeas in the making


CModonutti is a company which a huge focus on innovative processes and developing its know-how, by constantly investing in its human resources and in research. We guarantee our customers the very best quality and the chance to personalise the products and our service: for CModonutti, "sartorial skill" is a plus at 360°

Our objective has always been to keep our customers happy and create long term relationships with a future. We want to be free in what we do, respecting others, sticking to our values and achieving our objectives, growing in time.

Our VISION is to become better known internationally, both for our Contract and our Residential service, for providing chairs that equally embrace advanced technology and design.

Design encompassing artisan skill and know-how

Design encompassing artisan skill and know-howHarmony is reaching a perfect balanceElegance isn't a point of view


CModonutti revolves around a complex industrial structure which gives life to a product which passes through several production stages. From the creative planning, to selecting materials, cuts, wood seasoning, decorating, and the strategic choice of upholsteries.

Without ever letting go of the company's heritage, CModonutti has known how to grow over the years thanks to embracing and encouraging technology: from copying lathes for creating a range of shapes, curves and rounded designs, with more than 500 prints for even more adornments; moulding presses for reproducing a wide range of designs in wood; CNC, complex and extremely versatile machinery, which offer a whole new world of possibilities over traditional equipment.