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The undeniable charm of the Italian Puccini collection embodies haunting symphonies copyright that can adapt to any style of furniture. With strong creative flair Modonutti captures the refined art of the classical masters of Italian eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to shape chairs of the highest quality creative, where we hear echoes of the Baroque and Rococo. High quality standards and design exquisitely Italian outline the success of the range Puccini, who always collects the applause of the audience the most prestigious in the world.

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The furniture line Schubert revive classical influences that take us with imagination to places and times when the Biedermeier style was receiving considerable success. Furniture and works of art that permeate charm and elegance environments without ever weighing it down. Modonutti wanted to create a more contemporary version of the classic romantic style reinterpreting furniture elements of the past with cutting-edge design cues. Balance and harmony are the key features on which the collection, designed to make the most of the architectural space with complements flexible to suit each client.

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A passion for classical transitions becomes the basis for a style of contamination and design which is perfectly expressed in CModonutti's Eclettica Collection. Combinations and mixtures of extravagant pop art, fashion trends, Hollywood-esque charm: it is all mixed together to bring you a new creative utopia, free from the constraints of ordinary definitions. An alchemy of shapes, colours and materials to dramatically alter the concept of seating. An intricate and eclectic spirit where "reinterpretation" and "transformation" are synonyms of new ideals for living spaces.

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The Mania Collection embraces the very essence of reserved style and elegance: the Sanskrit word "Man-a", soul, mind and the common Indo-Germanic root "Man-", measured, thought-out, express the essential research and style: a harmonious collection which incorporating aluminium, a traditionally unusual material and a new creative tool for CModonutti, experiments with brand new and elegant combinations with rigorous aesthetics, and offers a vast choice for personalisation using leather and materials and other padding. A modern versatility bringing together the company's history on a new "classic-modern" journey

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